Expressions of Laughter

Saturday, May 14, 2005

My Apologies

I apologize for being the worst blogger ever...i guess it's just the things that have been happening aren't really able to be talked about here....

Lets just say i'm pretty dang happy....
And i guess somethings..such as this...are meant to be memories...and when they're as clear as day every won't be difficult remembering these..

Life is great...and a little incident that happened tonight with two boys from the past really showed me how awesome what i have now is.. I think of that life i used to be in and i laugh, and then i feel really dumb, but i guess they were just a part of growing up, kinda wondering when they are... hmmm oh yea..i don't care...

okay prom is tomorrow and its gonna be awesome..everybody waung chung....tomorrow night :P


Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Friday's approaching..praise God

So my world is slowly coming back was kinda getting out of hand for a while there, never kept me from having a good time BUT lol it still needed to get under control

My car is fixed and only cost me $150 which i guess isn't bad for a radiator and installation
and i went to the court today and i decided i'm gonna take it to trial, my 2 best friends are Julian and Dan, presidents of the debate team, where we spend most of our time arguring for fun..hopefully i can talk my way out of something, i've heard a lot of ppl have done it before, i'll just get prepared...
anyways so hopefully that will save me some money for prom, that's the only thing i'm realy worried about right now, once i have my dress everything will be okay

expcept for my grades, but hopefully those will get back up to. I'm not gonna stress...i refuse to stress

So last night me and erik went for a run, that was nice....not always smart to run with a track star BUT it was still excersizing...

Then today i went to work and that was bleh...but then i went to see Erik @ Chloe's...who's a pretty fun chick..he was alright..haha we joked around there and it was muy emocionado...then we had to depart home

So i'm really worried about ray right now...i over heard one of the managers saying something about ray not being able to close tomorrow and i knew right away that meant he finally made the move of breaking his was well over due, he had been telling me it was coming, and it was a right decision..but i know it was really really hard for him, and no matter how right something is, it doesn't always make it easy. I told melissa that i was really worried and since she knew he would tell me everything and more anyways she mentioned a few points...I'm really really worried about him, my heart stopped when i found out. That's one of my best friends and when somebody i really love is hurting i guess i kinda hurt a little..anyways. keep him in your prayers all you readers..he's gonna need it.

Tomorrow's powder puff, ontop of that i have a history article due, a pre cal quiz grade do, i have to work on my art in art, i think i have chem homework, i have a HUGE spanish test, and i still have to get supplies for my english project..what ever happened to sleep? ..not to mention i still have 6 hrs of community service left...

but it's okay b/c my world is slowly coming back together..golly i wouldn't make it with out my friends..u guys rock..u don't even know!

Monday, April 25, 2005

CAN'T get a ENOUGH of your LOVIN :P

um okay sunday:

nothing nothing nothing...
hot, yes HOT date with amy, i smelt pretty and she looked hot, just the way first dates should be, but it wasn't her intuitive glances that got to me, it was the way her white hondai flew across the road to pick me up, yes, that's when i knew, me and amy, we were meant to be....

then we ate yummy beautiful food, and amy made weird noises with her straw...but definently a turn on....

then we bought apple empanada's and sang down the road...i see a long relationship in the making....


I went to erik's and we had much fun driving back to my house to watch "My Best Friend's Wedding" at jen's with her max me erik tim joey susan julie and um was uber fun...except we didn't really watch the movie...i think we all gave up after we had to rewind a scene literally 5 times bc none of us could keep quiet through it once..but it was fun...Erik definently hit it off with all of them, well at least the important ones, Jen <3 him as does max this means double dates..haha..yess ...and thats it night over...


School=tired yes muy tired...then i got my radiator installed! yess that means I DRIVE! it was great and well, then i tried to help jen with her one month anniversary, i totally thought of this thank you very have her picture frame with their pic in it sitting at the table they were going to sit at, and it was gonna be super sweet..but was closed! gah

then i went to the gym, and came out looking beautiful and perfectly toned in every which way, just like i do everytime i go to the gym..ha duh!

then tanned...b/c thats just how it has to be

and then i ran home and threw on some terribly sexy clothes and went over to erik's

okay so it was hilarious...he woudln't tell me where we were going and we didn't have much time...and i noticed we were heading towards st josephs hosital..and umm..then i remembered his infasinations with roofs...and i was like "'re not going to the roof are you?"... "yes" ..."well not that i really care....but would it bother you if i told you this is where me and my ex always went?" and he was like "ummmmmmmmmm okay NEVERMIND!" *goes straight past hospital* but it was really funny, and i'm glad we can laugh about it....we just ende dup back at the same roof we always are...but it's always we listened to the new cd he made me...except it was the messed up one that he accidnetly put a few mistaken "i hate you" songs mixed in with the "you're amzing i love you" songs...his bad...haha but it was fuuuunnny! and then i gave him a beaituful new voicemail message so that all his friends that call can be graced with my greeting..thoughtful huh? then we jammed to "can't get enough of your lovin" all the way home..where i "wheewwed" him with my incredible edible dancing skills....yes....back off.

and that's my night
and it was beautiful
now i shall rest! :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Sing Like You Think Noone's Listening....

So it's been awhile since i last posted...well at least it seems that's been a rough week...but i didn't let it stop me from having a good weekend...a friend once said you only live once so you can't spend too much time dwelling on the negative...i think they were right.. :P

Okay so friday i went to work and as was interesting....i don't think i'm gonna publish the latest's too crazy....but yea anyways erik, adam and um karen? lol came and visited me for a whole 2 SECONDS! lol but it was cool cause i was on the line and super busy..anyways then waaaaaaait....i done forgot...friday after 6th me and erik skipped school and went to go chill at sweets for fun (and messy) converstation then we ran erands with Adam....then we went and picked up some was just random stuff but it was fun spending time ;) anyways then work, and after work i came home and slept for like a whole 5 hrs...then me erik and adam went to do the Trash off cause i needed volunteer hours for my history class..UGH...but it was actually pretty fun, i love risking my life on MLK...haha..then i had to go to work..which was really hard cause i was so tired. After work i ran home and got ready and me erik jloh and adam we're SUPPOSED to go ice skating but somebody had to work to long...dangit that was me..anyways so we just ended up renting a movie and getting candy and what they call "sex in your mouth" which would translate to whip but it was a lot of fun...whip cream wars were great....then adam and jloh left and i decided i was ready to make it "official" since erik was waiting on he looked at the clock so he could mark this moment in and since it was 11:52 we decided it'd be more fun to wait till he put on his cd he made for me and we just layed there listening to it...i was so tired so my eyes were like closed the whole time..i couldn't keep them sorry babe...but once 12 hit it was official and

then jloh graciously picked me up HOW KIND! LOVE YA! man not having my car SUX...but we just bought a radiator and it will be installed TOMORROW thank GOd! until then i will be selling myself on the yay for me n erik guess that was the point of the post :P i'm kinda tired now! aaaaaaalrighty! holla!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

:) / :(

So i just realized today when my radiator developed a gigantic hole that it's been a kinda bad week...oh wait...ya'll haven't really heard the main bad parts..hmm

So today i woke up at 11...yup...11.....what is my problem..nope that's not the worst part....guess what today is...yep definently TAKS as i was sleeping soundly and obliviously..the rest of my class mates were taking the Math TAKS test...i definently wanted to cry when i realized it was 11 on a school day..or more like on TAKS day...all i could think was omg i'm not gonna graduate i'm not gonna graduate omg omg....i was waking up thinkin it was a yea...i like went up to the first principal i saw and was like omg i dunno what happened...i JUST woke up..and they were like yep ur gonna have to take the make up....ugh oh well...

yea it kinda gets worse from there....after school me and julian went to sonic and then we were gonna go get some hours for prom....then my car decided to over heat..then we found out i have a huge hole in my radiator....yea we totally made retards of long does it have to take for a GIRL to stand over her 86 sports car until the guys next to you get the hint that you DON"T know what you're doing??? hmmm about 10 minutes for me

i was like what the heck?? so they finally come out and they're like did it cool off..and i was like um no hahah still hot! and the put water in it and we finally realized that it was just going in one hole and out the yea me and julian like had to pull over and fill it up like every 3 seconds to get was really pointless...then we rode the grand marque to the library..heck yes

and there we pissed of librarians and made meow noises...omg it was so hilarious! loved it

*cries* i have no car what am i gonna do???!?! ahh

well anyways then after the library erik came over and met my mom thank God that's over..then we went to the roof and played around( i know what ya'll are thinkin and nope!) anyways then we met his bf adam at his house and after having our first argument over catholics and baptists which i totally won..and i'm not allowed to talk about catholics anymore..anyways.. we chilled out in his room and adam asked nasty question and me and erik took uber cute pictures was fun...good times...then he took me home and here i am....

but pray for me...i'm failing in life..yep i am...oh go on


Tuesday, April 19, 2005

okay UBER quick post
today got up went to eat with dan and julian=awesomeness love em!

Then we HALLED BUTT to school ran a few red lights pissed a few cars off and went passed a few speed limits....then got to school to realize my back pac was no esta aqui...dropped julian off then headed back to casa ole accepting the fact i would just miss 4th period..

then on the way i ran into my mom next to the school who was bringing me a paper i i grabbed that from her explained my story then headed to casa ole...only to immidiantly be pulled over by a motor poe poe...SUCKED
and of course right as we turned onto the street to handle business my mom turned in right after us gracing me with her presence while getting my first ticket...

apparently going 39 in a 25 in a school. zone doesn't get you a warning
not only that but having an expired licence and expired insurance card (which is butt b/c i so still pay the bill) lukily i'm gettin away with one ticket prolly costing close to 300 dollars..ouch..lets see how well jennifer can sweet talk/cry/lower her shirt/ to the judge haha..

anyways blah i kinda laughed about it and drove away then went to school and more blah

then after school i ran a few errands then headed to eriks (i'm loving having 4 days off in a is better!) anyways me and erik headed to chuckie cheeses=ubber fun

we ate and then played super awesome games where we set all the high records and won the biggest prize..heck ya we did..dangit i left my tatoo at eriks! sadness

anyways we collected a few souveneirs and headed out the door...then we went back to erik's and scanned in our super sexy chuckie cheese picture and listened to the garden state soundtrack...= more goodness

i drew him sexy pictures and we talked to random ppl online...twas always! anyways then we parted ways and here i's that for a 10 minute post?! heck ya...

much <3 for only reader! hehe

Monday, April 18, 2005

Life is beautiful...

wow you ever get in that mood where your just like, wow, my life rocks, i have awesome friends, everything i need, and for me right now, a super great guy...definently in that mood...i'll explain later what got me there.....i guess i'll begin with this weekend since that's where i left off...

Hmm saturday i slept in and then woke up and took amy lunch, that was fun :) Then i went to work, and we got killed, and then i found out some scary news about ray, but that's such a long story, but again we had a long serious talk, and he told me he loved me, but he didn't mean it in the gf/bf, husband/wife way, in that like, wow you're an awesome friend and i need you was really sweet, and there was so much more said but i've got more things to talk about hehe..but it was really nice to finally hear that and know that he was serious...

THEN i ran home and changed and got un taco bell smelly and i met Erik and his best friend Adam on the roof and so we chilled in Erik's trunk..haha...and listened to music and looked at our selves in the reflection of his windshield, it was exciting...then we rode around in shopping carts more fun, then we took adam home and made fun of his stories, and him of course..haha, it was fun...then we went and chilled out at Erik's and just watched tv..right? golly it seems so long ago haha...and then after we did nothing but still had a good time i had to be home by 1 so i came home and stayed up till like 3 am....i all of a sudden got the uber great idea of asking julian to prom (after he said he wasn't going to be a tagalong to prom) on his myspace...well see i always wanted to go with julian but then i started talking to erik, and well i still wantd to go to with julian, but it would have still been fun to go with erik, but then erik mentioned that one of his 980 girl friends ;) had already claimed him to go to prom like a few months ago so it was kinda a good thing, so him being the awesome person he is helped me photoshop a picture of julian and i at was so cute...ya'll should check it out it's on my myspace !:) so anyways that was fun...then i went to sleep and woke up and went to church...

So sunday i foudn out awful news about a good friend of mine, well i actually babysit for her, anyways, can't go into that right now, but be in prayer for her...por favor...anyways so kinda put a damper on me, but after church i went and ran errands and then went to Erik's again where we chilled out and played "we're gonna watch the channel i randomly stop on" haha and somehow i always stopped on whorish so we watched tv and talked some more, which is always fun, then i had to run before church and go tan and come home and freshen up , then i went back and me and erik went to church together, he needed some Baptists then after that me jen erik max kaylie and josh all went over to kaylie's house and wached 13 going on 30 which was actually a cute movie even the second time in a row, i had a few good laughs (erik tripped and was really emberassed but then max stole the show after falling on his face) oh that was soo funny here i go again laughing..anyways...after that erik took me back to my car at his house and we parted only to return to AIM for further discussion..haha was like a whole erik weekend ;)

i think today was my favorite tho....this is what i was like all inspired to blog about...

So today i woke up at the brink of dawn and my boss came and picked me up and me ray jeremy and derrick all headed to austin for a taco bell softball tournament SO FUN! Lukilly i was one of 2 girls and that meant i played the whole game cause girls had to i made a few dumb moves but all is fair in taco bell softball, then after the second loss (lmao) we had 3 and a half hours before our next game! so me and ray decided we were gonna go find some swings at a park a ways away....nope no swings....and this whole me anr ray venturing off thing was very risky seeing as the rumors there already are at work, that are completely false, but i don't think we care then we ended up going on a little walk through the woods in search of a stream, we found a cliff and some other really neat nature things, all in touch with nature and everythkjng...ahha but it was so fun...then yea came back home and decided me and julian should go shopping for prom outfits...we're doing a themed thing...the 80's preferablly we'll see how that works out! hehe So we had our fun and went out and looked, found nothing but lost no hope.! ;0 Then i dropped julian off and i had promised erik we'd hang out so of course i headed straight over there, he immidiantly handed me a cd titled "things i coudln't say quite so artfully" awwww it had all the songs that reminded him of me....which was so sweet...anyways after that we headed to visit some of his friends, got some ice cream with them, then headed back to finally meet his mom and hang out with his sister for a while, kinda nerve racking but went over well, i hope :) his sister had told his mom i was goth with peircings and tatoos (only joking of course) so hopefully she wasn't too

So when i was leaving Erik's i decided to put in his cd since i hadn't listened to it yet and was super excited..and the first song is Dashboard Convessional, "my hopes are so high that ur kiss might kill me" which i guess would be our first song well i dunno it just so i was immidiantly "awwwed" but then when the second song came on, "slide" by the goo dolls..(yes?) i was like wooooow this guy is amazing....he totally captured my heart through the quickest route (music) the song just made me so happy and made me feel so alive, like i hadn't heard it in forever, and it just made me think about how much my life has changed and what great friends i have, and of course, how sweet Erik is, and i can't let this one get away...The cd got better with every song..i was like in the movies when "i can't take my eyes off of you" came on...totally made my ur great..u don't even know...

And i couldn't stop thinkin how awesome erik's been to me this past week, he's been nothing but sweet...and i kept hearing joey say "nobody well ever love you like me" and it made me so happy to know that that's not true...and when joey used to say "which would u rather be with, somebody who had ur lifestyle or somebody you loved" and when my answer was "both, i won't settle for anything less" it just seems like i've found that person that i actually share the same lifestyle with and will actually love me for who i am...not that it's that serious yet, but one day it might be....

I'm so glad that me and Erik got to talk about that actually today..about where our relationshiop was going...i sorta explained how i had messed up in the being friends area with the first 2 guys and i really didn't want to mess up with him...I really do want to get to know him better, it's like i know we're going to date, but i just wanna take the first few steps slowly, i want this to be a Godly relationship, i mean, sure we're gonna make mistakes, but Erik's different from my other relationships, he's got a Godly heart and i really want to do all that i can to make sure that we take the right steps in that direction. So far everything feels right, like his friends are awesome, they make me laugh and i'm actually not annoyed with them, that's pretty rare lol, even his sister cracks me up, and i feel comfortable with all of it's a good sign, and here in a while, when i'm ready, it'll be the best :)

Anyways, it's been a super long post and i'm super exhausted from i'm gonna end it now! wow this is long lol


hi, i'm at erik's house, and we're listening to music....okay bye...i promise i will write all about my super uber fantastically awesome weekend in about 2 hrs

okay buy

Erik says hi and buy <<<-- just like that